We will transform people’s know-how to value for others by making it accessible and useful

Our Vision

Become the most sustainable global ecosystem for exchanging valuable know-how

Our Mission

Ensure the preservation, sharing and easy access of know-how

Our Values

The Plottu Story


The idea to start a kind of Knowledge Hub was born. Founders Hugo and Jean-Paul were comfortably managing a consultancy firm for projects in the banking industry. This is where they saw the power of know-how and how accessibility can either create success or cause failure.


Both had no experience in developing a product from scratch, so they moved to the European center of Startups: Berlin. They used that year to make the mistakes that probably every startup founder has to make.


Plottu secured additional funding. In April it was the time to release the beta and start working closely with users. This resulted in a first official release of the product in December.


We are operational and we are continuously developing new versions of the software. We owe a huge thanks to all the people that joined us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you will become a part of our story.

The Founders

Hugo Henraat


Jean-Paul Zuidema