Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What Is Plottu?

Plottu is a cloud based web application for capturing and using best practices to help professionals in their daily work and to help boost their career.

Q:    Who Is It For?

Professionals that would like to:
1. Learn from peers who have worked on similar activities and apply their tips & tricks
2. Capture their personal best practices in projects and save them for re-use in future activities
3. Connect to other professionals, learn from them and get in contact to expand their professional network
4. Share their tips and tricks with other professionals and get rewarded by the community
5. Grow their professional status and use the community’s acknowledgement to strengthen their career negotiations

Q:    What Topics Do You Cover?

We facilitate all professionals to consult and share their latest practical tips & tricks on any topic they run into in their daily work. Our team of professionals will actively contribute their knowledge on IT and Marketing related topics.

Q:    How Much Will It Cost?

Nothing, the app is free for use by any individuals. We will only charge fees for companies that like to have their own private database of best practices and closed user group.

Q:    How Can I Participate?

We’d love to welcome you to the team! Just sign up here to receive an invite for testing the beta version of Plottu and get early access.