A Big Thank You!

We would not have made it without our partners

And our Appreciation Goes To

Katarina Limpitsouni and Angelos Gesoulis for using their amazing open-source illustrations from unDraw

Boris Karcher and Nick Dimmler for the fun conversations and the best advise a startup can get in Germany

Gene Sobolev for picking his endless brain and his unstoppable positive energy

Pankaj who did a great job developing some custom scripts for us

Irfan who delivered some great work on the browser extension

Joel who really helped us out for improving NLP and scraping

Shantanu who created an awesome script to easily convert Know-How from existing documents

Cornelia Niklas for being so supportive and introducing us to the HTW to work with great students

Prof.Dr. Tilo Wendler for guiding the students in their research and delivering great results

ILB who helped us getting funding for our development work

Last but not least, our friends, family and loved ones that kept supporting us unconditionally during all times.