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Onboard your Company

Who is this for?

Primary Owner

All Company Plans

Onboarding large groups is never an easy task. This guide will help you introduce Plottu to your company in a meaningful way.

Build a launch team

Assembling the right mix of people is the first step to a successful launch. Here is an example of possible roles and responsibilities you can assign to people:

Project Manager

The main point of contact, responsible for coordinating launch activities.

Executive Sponsor

The “Plottu Champion” amongst the leadership team who will actively communicate the purpose and value of the Knowledge Hub.

Business Owners

The people who will reinforce the importance of the Knowledge Hub among their individual teams. They’ll identify key use cases and modify them over time.

Early Adopters

Assign people with good communication and writing skills and ask them to start sharing Know-How in the Hub. Here are some examples of Know-How that might help them to get started. When things work out well, they will become the ambassadors to who will inspire and support others to share their Know-How.

Of course the Plottu Support team will always be there to support you and your team!