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The Primary Owner is the most powerful administrative role. You can become a Primary Owner by creating your own Knowledge Hub, or if a Primary Owner chooses to transfer ownership of a hub to you. Keep reading to learn more about this role, and how to make sure the right person is in it.

Understand ownership policies

To understand the Primary Owner role, it’s helpful to get familiar with the ownership policies. The Primary Owner has ultimate decision-making capabilities, and represents the Customer in administering the knowledge hub.

  • When using your corporate email domain to create a Knowledge Hub, your organisation is the Customer.
  • If your hub is set up by someone not formally affiliated with an organisation, the Customer is the person who created the hub.

To learn more about how we define the Customer, please review our Terms of Service.

The Primary Owner holds the highest level of permissions in your Knowledge Hub so make sure you choose the right Primary Owner.

Because organisations change over time, transferring ownership of a Knowledge Hub might be necessary. Check transferring primary ownership to learn more.