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Working in the Hub

Who is this for?


All Company Plans & Public Hub

Many of your tasks can be made easier with Plottu. We’ll cover some common work-related tasks which might be helpful for you to know.

Sharing Know-How

Everyone can create a Slice, this is a piece of Know-How you like to share. This can be a work instruction, training to improve a skillset, tips & tricks or a directive (in the company hub). All users can create Slices and all Slices are accessible so anyone can learn from each other. Tell me more

Sharing files, pics & video’s

You can easily add a file, picture or video to your Slice to boost your message.

Get Know-How suggestions

Through the browser extension, you can get suggestions of Slices that are relevant to the work you are doing at that moment in your browser. So you don’t have to think about what to search for, we’ll just do that for you. Tell me more

Find Know-How

Through the browser extension and the web app, you can search for any Know-How Slices available in the Hub. We added some advanced filtering options so it will take you less time to find what you need. Tell me more