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Example Slices

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All Company Plans & Public Hub

Here are 3 Slice examples for your inspiration:

1. How to Create an Email Newsletter (checklist)

  1. Figure out your newsletter’s goal.
  2. Gather your content.
  3. Design your template.
  4. Set your email newsletter size.
  5. Add in your body content.
  6. Add in personalization tokens and smart content.
  7. Choose your subject line and sender name.
  8. Support your newsletter content with alt text and plain text.
  9. Make sure you’re legally compliant.
  10. Test different browsers and email providers.
  11. Send your email.
  12. Analyze and iterate

 Check this blog for more info


2. How to Tie a Knot

See below the instruction for tying a knot


3. Mastering Illustrator : Training to Speed Up Your Workflow

Join DKNG designers Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman for a 40-minute training revealing the Adobe Illustrator tricks of the trade they employ for a fast and efficient workflow. Drawing on specific components of their work with Star Wars, Back to the Future, and SXSW, as well as personal design projects, this class covers everything from simple keyboard shortcuts to more complex visuals like pattern strokes and vector halftones, all the way up to the new “Live Corners” feature in Illustrator CC.