How it Works

All your company business Know-How stored secure in one place and accessible from anywhere for all your co-workers. With our smart browser extension, users can find relevant Know-How in just one click. Based on the web application you are working in, users get relevant Know-How suggestions. Ideal for learning something new or find something fast.

What is Plottu

Plottu is a place for businesses to capture company Know-How. The Know-How is stored in small knowledge slices with less than 1800 characters. This way your readers can master Know-How in less than a minute. Everyone can share Definitions, Instructions, Trainings, Tips & Tricks, Processes and Directives.


Give your Know-How a Second Life

Professionals appreciate quality thinking from other professionals. That’s why we’ve created the Knowledge Hub. It’s simple to use and connects your Knowledge to curious colleagues. So you can be assured your Know-How is being given a second life and recognised by others.

Who it is for


Empower your operations team with the right work instructions, process information and tips to increase the speed and quality of their work.


Help the sales team to close deals quicker with relevant Know-How at hand to convert prospects into clients.


Enable your team with successful growth hacks and best practices for social media & marketing campaigns.

Legal & Compliance

Help teams prevent risks and comply with rules & controls by providing them relevant directives and regulations when they need it.


Provide relevant financial rules and regulations to help your finance people work faster and more efficient.


Enable your IT team with the latest work instructions, manuals and best practices to work faster and more efficiently.

Start Easy, Benefit Quickly

Getting your team on board is as easy as inviting them to join.
Our friendly interface will help them to share and connect to Know-How in no time.

Ideal for businesses that like to try out Plottu and find out if it benefits them
Perfect for businesses ready to make Plottu the hub for their know-how
The best fit for businesses that need more control over their know-how



billed annually upfront
€ 79 billed monthly


billed annually upfront
€ 179 billed monthly
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Knowledge Slices 50 unlimited unlimited
Users included 5 15 30
Extra User €0,89 per user/mo
€ 0,99 for monthly plan
€1,99 per user/mo
€ 2,49 for monthly plan
Private Knowledge Hub
Knowledge Slices Upload
Smart Browser Extension
Advanced Search & Filtering
User Management
Two-factor Authentication
PDF to Slice Converter
Slice Statistics
Review & Approval Workflow
Product Support Standard support on a best effort basis Priority support during office hours Priority support with uptime guarantee
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You’re in Good Company

“Recently joined. This is great!!”

“I like it a lot!”

“Writing pithy and informative is something I had to learn,
but now I see how well that works!”

“Cool to see how it finds relevant information for me”

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start using the company version?

As soon as we launch in early 2021. If you submit your email address, we’ll send you a notification so you can register for the free version and test if the company version is of value to you.

What makes it different from the Public Hub?

Only authorised people within your company can access the Hub so you can keep the Know-How to yourself rather than sharing it with the world. As well as some additional features are offered, like User Management, Review and Approval Workflow, Statistics and our Document Converter.

What do our users need to get started?

Users only need a PC or laptop with either a webbrowser from Chrome or the latest Microsoft Edge and an invite from your company’s knowledge hub. The admin who setup and manages your Knowledge Hub can simply invite users.

What types of Know-How can be added?

Any type of information can be added. Things like work-instructions, trainings, tips & tricks, processes, directives and regulations. Although we keep the text for the Know-How slices limited, users can easily link to existing documents and video’s to boost their contribution.

How many characters can I put in a Know-How Slice?

We strongly believe that Know-How should be mastered in less than a minute. On average each word has about 6 characters and it takes about a minute to read 300 words. That is why we limit the characters for each Know-How Slice to 1800. Limits are great for creativity and brevity and perfect for “to the point communication”, something readers really love too.

We don’t have time to upload all our Know-How, what to do?

Don’t worry, we offer a PDF Converter which converts PDF documents (e.g. manuals) in smaller Know-How slices. And if you don’t have everything documented yet, we can also organise interviews with your people and take it from there. Just send us a note and we will contact you to discuss the details and make you a tailor-made offer for this service.

How is security of my Know-How guaranteed?

We take security seriously. All companies will get their own secure instance of Plottu which can only be accessed by registered people with your company’s email address. Our servers are hosted in a world class data center that is protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. Our data center is EU Safe Harbor compliant and all our plans include 256-bit SSL encryption for communication between servers and storage to keep your data safe at all times. Find more information about security here.

Have more questions?

If you like to get more detailed information on our product just ask us and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

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