Why Plottu

Learn From The Past

Use lessons learned from the past and apply them directly in your new projects

Save Time

Generate project plans automatically by reusing activities from previous projects

Prevent Bleeders

Know the exposure of risk on budget and time upfront before investing your money

Be In Control

Use smart reporting to stay in control at all times of your delivery and your investment

Features That Matter

Some Reasons You’ll Love It

Easy Project Setup

Setup your project in just 5 steps and preload activities & risks from similar projects. With Plottu you will save time and be 100% prepared at the start of your new project.

Quick Review & Approval

With a standardized project outline, everyone will understand instantly what the project is about, what the benefits are, its risks, scope, team, budget and time needed. Our smart algorithms calculate the exposed risk on budget and time for you. No more misinterpretations, just take the right decisions with the right information.

Smart Reporting

Report the status of your project in just a few steps and the system will automatically generate the health status and share it with the right people. The independent controlling makes sure that you can prevent budget overruns and missing deadlines. With Plottu you can spot any deviations immediately to avoid projects to become budget bleeders.

Clever Use of Budget

With the timelapse module, Plottu visualizes the results so far and makes projections for budget and completion. This allows you to allocate your budget when really needed and gives you the flexibility to spend your cash most effectively.

Helpful Benchmarking

Benchmark data is created from previous projects within your company. This can be supplemented with benchmark data from the industry & country. It provides you with insights in costs, time, risks and lessons learned and will be helpful before starting and investing in a new initiative or if teams look for opportunities to improve the performance of their portfolio.

Learn From Others

Solutions for issues occured in all projects are captured so you can learn from others and quickly get your project on track again and don’t loose time and money.

Always In Control

With our dashboard, you get the actual status of all your running projects in a single view, giving you the comfort being in full control of your portfolio at all times.

Supporting All Your Projects

Whether you develop software, organize events or produce movies, Plottu enables you in delivering any of your projects successfully. It supports all known project methodologies like Agile, Waterfall, Prince2 and is designed to add the business value we all expect smart software to give to us today.

Practical & Easy to Use

Smart Web Based Business Software designed like a simple app. No need for a training or software installation, just use it right away on any of your devices.

  • 100% prepared at the start of a new project
  • Independent project status
  • Pro-active alerting to prevent project bleeders
  • Save and reuse your team’s valuable lessons learned
  • Take informed decisions at any time
  • Stay in full control of your complete portfolio and save money
  • Save time with pre-filled plans, decision documents and reports.

Our Users Love Us

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Read It From Them.

<strong>Burkhard Hormann</strong>
Burkhard HormannColossal Spark
I feel like a little boy again – discovering new toys in a playstore during Christmas
<strong>Brenda Jansen</strong>
Brenda JansenBAM Infra Nederland
Great to have been part of the team testing the preliminary versions of this product which has so much potential.
<strong>Hwie Kwee</strong>
Hwie KweeBerlin Angels Investment Service
Amazing how we can reuse lessons learned from our previous investments

How It Started

Can we re-use historic knowledge to guide the future?

A project is “a collaborative temporary enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim”. This is why most people believe a project has it’s own unique non-repeatable characteristics. But is that really true?

We believe it is not, so what can we learn from previous projects? How can people benefit from this knowledge in new projects? And how can we prevent project amnesia?

Being active in projects for over 15 years, these questions inspired us. So we left our comfort jobs and started working on this challenging project. Using an old conference table and a whiteboard to work on an idea for re-using plain data and people’s lessons learned from the past. Transforming this into valuable information which can be applied and shared with others so more people can benefit and become better in what they do.

We turned this idea into a software product using the inspiration and support from the Startup Community. Today it is ready to help teams and organizations from all around the world to retain, re-use and share their collective memory, take better decisions at the right time and deliver great projects for sustainable businesses in the future.


Hugo Henraat

Strategic brain with a strong appetite for the most complex business jigsaws and algorithms. With a master in history, it is obvious where he found his inspiration.

Jean-Paul Zuidema

Creative mind that loves to simplify the simplification of complexity. A no-nonsense type with a weak spot for smart business software, usability and design.


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