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We give your Valuable Knowledge a Second Life

The Place to give your Know-How a Second Life

Professionals appreciate quality thinking from other professionals. That’s why we’ve created a hub to share and consult professional Know-How. It’s simple to use and connects your Knowledge to curious professionals. So you can focus on what matters: putting your best work out there and be assured your Know-How is being given a second life and recognized by others.

We believe your Know-How is worth Money

Professionals should be paid for the quality of their Know-How. That’s why soonWhen we finish our corporate version by the end of 2020, you can join the partner program and start making money!  anyone can join the Plottu Partner Program and earn money when Plottu members consult their Know-How.

All Know-How in a Public Hub

All your valuable Know-How stored smart in one place and accessible from anywhere for all your readers. With a beautifully designed dark theme which is friendly for your eyes and your screen’s energy consumption.

Get Know-How with a Single Click

Spend less time searching and more time getting things done by accessing relevant Know-How that you need, and only when you need it and directly in your webbrowser.

Mastering Know-How has Never been that Easy

We designed it in such a way that mastering Know-How is done within a minute and sharing Know-How is easier and more rewarding than ever before.

Who are Your Readers?

Professionals in business who love to learn new things. People who work for companies or self-employed consultants, they all like to learn from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plottu

Plottu is a social publishing platform for professionals that like to share valuable Know-How. The platform is open to all and home to a diverse array of Know-How that helps people to do their daily job better and faster.

Why Write on Plottu?

Plottu presents an opportunity for you to reach a new audience with your Know-How and help them with your experience and ultimately make money with it. The platform is geared toward sharing more well-thought-out content that is valuable for professionals.

Why types of Know-How can be added?

Any Know-How that professionals love to learn about. Things like definitions, work-instructions, trainings, tips & tricks, processes and directives. Although we keep the text for the Know-How slices limited, users can easily add existing documents, images and video’s to boost their contribution.

How many characters can I put in a Know-How Slice?

We strongly believe that Know-How should be mastered in less than a minute. On average each word has about 6 characters and it takes about a minute to read 300 words. That is why we limit the characters for each Know-How Slice to 1800. Limits are great for creativity and brevity and perfect for “to the point communication”, something readers really love too.

How to get started

In order to publish and interact with folks on the platform, you need to have an account and be logged in. You can create an account by just clicking the “Go to the Public Hub” button on this website. From there you’ll have five different sign-up options to choose from: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Microsoft.

Does Plottu own your Know-How

No, you own the rights to the Know-How you post on Plottu. You’re welcome to post Know-How that you’ve published elsewhere, as long as you have the rights to do so. By posting Know-How to Plottu, you represent that doing so doesn’t conflict with any other agreement you’ve made.

Is writing on Plottu free?

Posting Know-How on Plottu is free. Content that you publish will be made available to all members of the platform for whom it is relevant.

When can I earn money for my Know-How?

When we launch the platform for companies (expected end of 2020), you can join the partner program for a small membership fee. This will then give you the opportunity to distribute your work to companies and start making money from professionals that consult your work.

How much can I earn?

When companies consult and like your Know-How, a portion of their membership contribution goes to the writer of the Know-How. In addition we like to organise a yearly public fundraising amongst all readers of the public hub to make a voluntary contribution. This is then distributed among the writers in the public hub.

How does Plottu make money?

We make money through memberships from companies and members of the partner program.

Have more questions?

If you like to get more detailed information on our product just ask us and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

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